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A New Type Of R-Rated Fitness: BeachSweat


A New Type Of R-Rated Fitness: BeachSweat

BeachSweat is pioneering a new category of ‘visually inspired fitness’, 7 days a week from their South Florida studios. Bombshell and bikini-clad models become ‘more visually exposed‘ during the fitness platform’s high intensity workouts.  

BeachSweat is an R-Rated fitness platform that as the class goes on, the beautiful & highly qualified instructor, becomes more visually revealed, keeping users engaged in the workout…Think Only Fans meets Peloton!  

Members will be able to do 30-minute cycling, yoga and strength training both live and on demand. Not only will members be able to interact with their instructors through the live chat but they can also thank instructors via the ‘tip jar’.  

In a statement to Muzique Magazine, the CEO & Founder of BeachSweat,  Barry Hinckley stated After years of working out, with mostly guilt and obligation as my primary motivation to exercise, I decided there had to be a 

better way to achieve my fitness goals of weight management and overall health. I wanted to be  INSPIRED to do a fitness routine. So in a moment of candid honesty, I decided that being ‘visually 

inspired’ to get on the bike, do the mat work or attend a yoga class would help me and millions like 

me, do that work out, make that class, and meet my fitness goals. That’s when I came up with the 

idea for BeachSweat.  

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BeachSweat Official Work-OutStudios Located In Palm Beach, Florida

A host of Celebrities, models and influencers have already raved about this viral new workout. Alexa Collins who boasts over 2 million followers on Instagram is just one of the Celebrity instructors and co-founders of BeachSweat.  

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