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3 Unwritten Rules That Every Musician in the Industry should take into account, as per Senior

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3 Unwritten Rules That Every Musician in the Industry should take into account, as per Senior

The music industry is a beautiful place. A haven for talent, it has become a space where amazing art is created. It connects artists with patrons and other like-minded musicians while giving them a platform to showcase their creations. But for all its plus points, it is difficult to break in and create a mark for oneself in the industry in today’s times. However, difficult does not mean impossible. We asked James William Awad, aka Senior, a musician who has managed to cement his place in the music scene to tell us how one can be successful in the industry. Senior shot to fame with his debut album, Alexandra. His songs like ‘Sun Girl’ and ‘Memories’ have garnered critical as well as popular acclaim. He let us in on this secret, which he calls the 3 most important unwritten rules to rise in the music industry:

Collaboration will help you grow exponentially

Working with other artists helps you grow musically as well as professionally. These collaborators will become your network, and unity will take you greater heights than you could scale alone.

Know your worth

A lot of people will try to undermine you for their benefit. But know your worth, believe in yourself and stay firm on your boundaries and expectations. Do not settle for less.

Do not let go of your USP and music style

The industry can be distracting. Creating music that fits the trends might seem tempting, but if the trends deviate from your niche, do not change your entire USP trying to fit in. Stay true to your style, and create music that you love. Success and fame from the right audience will follow. These unwritten rules have helped James William grow into the artist that he is. His insights about people and business as a musician and as an entrepreneur with his startup Tripleone (or 111) have enabled him to become the Senior musician (pun intended) that he is today. And looking at his trajectory, we are certainly writing down these unwritten rules as mantras to live by.

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