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10 Questions With Model, Influencer & Entrepreneur Holly Croft

10 Questions With Model, Influencer & Entrepreneur Holly Croft
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10 Questions With Model, Influencer & Entrepreneur Holly Croft

Holly Croft is a mother, model, and CEO of Missrunwayready- a company that provides coaching & runway masterclasses to models of all experience levels. Today we had the opportunity to chat with her…

The first thing I do to start the day is…Get my daughter out from her crib and we always have a cuddle together whilst we both wake up. It’s something that is both so comforting and calming to begin the day.

The best beauty advice I ever received was… Wash your face in ice water as part of your morning routine…by wash, I actually mean a total face dip for 30s in ice-filled water!!! Such a great beauty tip was given to me especially before a long day on set. So quick and inexpensive and it has so many benefits: Helps to calm down inflamed skin and blemishes, de-puffs morning swelling around the eyes and face, and helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles. 

When I’m stressed…I usually like to take an hour out of my day if possible to ground myself and refocus. Mediation and flow is my safe space to get clarity and generally once I’ve got myself to my yoga mat and begin with some simple breathing exercises I find myself feeling more at ease

Favorite time of the day…Sunset…anyone who knows me, knows that golden hour light gives me happiness 

My guilty pleasure is… 90s romantic comedies

My role model is…I have so many role models in my life, but right now I’m really inspired by other new moms, making the impossible possible and raising their babies during this pandemic with very limited help. 

Sweet or Savoury…Both lol…I’m definitely an olive, mixed nuts and cheese board kind of girl…but if there’s a bag of Haribo being passed around then my sweet tooth will make an appearance 🙂 

The best advice for looking great in a photo is… Learn your best angles, practice is key to everything, and knowing how to move your body is key to any great photo. The simplest change in body position can make the biggest impact on looking and feeling great in a photo. 

One thing I wish people knew about me is…I studied Chemical Engineering at University and only fell into my career path as a model because of needing the extra income for school tuition, so what was once a hobby I loved turned into my life long career.

 If you looked at my desktop, you’d see…A screensaver of my family and lots of emails needing to be opened!!

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