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Wes DeLux, A Yin Yang in the Rap Game, drops 2 new highly-anticipated singles

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Wes DeLux, A Yin Yang in the Rap Game, drops 2 new highly-anticipated singles

Wes DeLux knows life is about more than material success. The rapper and musician has been through it all and has learned how to express all sides of himself through music. The Atlanta native is currently working around the clock on new music and building his brand. Fans of rap and hip-hop should get familiar with the Wes DeLux sound; his work ethic and passion for music make him destined to be a star.

DeLux’s style and fierce dedication to making music come from a wealth of life experience. He experienced many challenges growing up and found himself in tough situations that taught him a lot about himself and the world. DeLux is open about his struggles with substance abuse and mental health. After being diagnosed with OCD and depression, DeLux was able to think more deeply about his own identity and cast aside his ego and obsession with material wealth. This led to the moniker, “The Yin Yang in the rap game.” He prides himself on living a balanced life, acknowledging his spiritual side and his hustler mentality.

That drive and ambition led DeLux’s career to interesting places. He has always been interested in music, starting with classical piano lessons at age seven. DeLux picked up the guitar in his youth as well and cites rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Guns ‘N Roses as some of his biggest influences. In college, DeLux started DJing parties but ultimately decided that focusing on making his own music was a more important pursuit. He recorded his first rap song, “Night Rhymes,” at the University of Georgia with a friend. He was hooked. After a stint as a high school biology teacher, DeLux left the 9-5 workforce behind and decided to focus on music full-time.

Today, DeLux is going from strength to strength as he builds his rap career. He currently has over 250k streams on Spotify and over 100k streams on Soundcloud. DeLux still performs as a DJ and guitarist at his rap shows and prides himself on being a do-it-yourself type of guy. He is carving out a space for himself in the Atlanta rap scene, taking inspiration from artists like Mac Miller and Childish Gambino who do not limit themselves to the topics of women, money, and fame in their music. DeLux explores spirituality and ego on his tracks – but doesn’t leave out the women, money, or fame either.

DeLux’s two recent singles, “Jumanji” and “Whomanitarian (feat. NVNNV)” show the evolution of his musical style. He and his producer, 1K Chainz, are working with EDM and House genres on DeLux’s tracks, as well as some R&B influence. With these two singles, DeLux is hoping to gain more notoriety within the US and Canada, as his music is currently most popular in Europe.

Wes DeLux is notable for his unique approach to rap. He is all about the music and checks his ego at the door. The “Yin Yang” attitude keeps his life balanced and allows him to explore deep topics while keeping everything fun for his listeners. This is one rising star on the Atlanta rap scene and who has much more to do in his musical career.

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