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Tips For Boosting Your Happiness

Tips For Boosting Your Happiness
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Tips For Boosting Your Happiness

1. Start a new hobby

It is not only stimulating (as well as fun), but it challenges you to learn new skills which can increase your happiness according to experts. That is due to the feelings of self-confidence and accomplishment that are frequently associated with obtaining new expertise. This can be considered a sign of learning how to play the ukulele or taking the French lessons that you have always wanted to do. Choose something you are genuinely interested in, and then go for it! 

2. Write things down.

Negative thoughts are powerful, nasty, and can be very easy to dwell on – and this is something that can really bum you out. One way that you can relieve your mind is to write things down. Try to write your negative thoughts down on a sheet of paper, and then throw away the piece of paper. Research indicates that physically throwing your worries away can reduce their hold on you. On the other hand, documenting positive experiences you are grateful for will make you feel more satisfied and happier with your life. And if you want to really give your mood a boost, call a friend and tell them about some of your positive journal entries. This can even triple the positive feelings you have.

3. Get busy

Stress can definitely get you down. Fortunately, there is a  really nice solution: some action between the sheets – and that includes solo sessions as well. Not only can these romps give your mood a boost, but can also beat anxiety and reduce stress. When it comes to stress, blood pressure reactivity is better for individuals who have had penile-vaginal intercourse recently than for individuals who have had no or other sexual activity. That’s something you definitely cannot argue with.

And if you need to have an excuse for getting it on more frequently. It is suggested by research that more sex tends to make people happier. According to one study, it is even suggested that having sex once per week might make you feel as happy as getting an extra $50,000 in income. Also, when you get lucky even more often  – four times per week or more – has been associated with earning more money – and although extra cash cannot buy happiness it does definitely play a major role.

Click here to find out more about managing stress and boosting your happiness.

4. Be grateful

Our parents knew something when they told us to always write a thank-you note. It will make you feel happier and healthier. Being grateful can also result in other positive emotions (which includes a boost in optimism and energy) and also well-being. In addition to thanking people, try to keep a gratitude journal as well. Write down all the things you are thankful for on a daily basis. Experts claim that writing down even just one sentence of gratitude per day can boost your happiness level.

5. Spread joy.

Just like cases of giggles and yawning, happiness is really contagious. It was found in one study that happiness among friends has a waterfall effect. When one person is happy, it tends to spread out to her or his friends and their whole social network over the long run. It is pretty much the best thing you can do to influence other people.



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