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Thejakesullivan & Newman Release ‘Past tense’

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Thejakesullivan & Newman Release ‘Past tense’

‘Past tense’ by Jakesullivan and Newman offers a truly unique vibe, showcasing the artist’s self-curated sound.

The song lasts just under 4 minutes in run time, blasting energy into whoever is listening from the beginning until the end. The duo melds their own sounds, coming together as one to deliver a masterpiece.

Lyrics about coming up, moving past old vibes, and a smooth, layered chorus make the song forward until time runs out.

Thejakesullivan mentioned that he plans to collaborate with more of his peers, enjoying being able to work with others.

You can listen to Thejakesullivan here:

You can find out more info about Jake here:

We write about the indie side of hip hop, pop, country, and r&b music.


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