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Revisiting KIDJUDA’s Debut Track ‘Ballin Like Harden’

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Revisiting KIDJUDA’s Debut Track ‘Ballin Like Harden’

KIDJUDA has massed hundreds of thousands of streams as an independent artist, crafting his own unique sound along the way. Back in 2018, the artist made his debut to all major platforms with his track ‘Ballin Like Harden’.

The track begins with dark keys and a heavy-hitting 808s, eventually transitioning into the hook. KIDJUDA and his feature Lilcoup take turns dropping bars, rapping about chasing paper, turning up in the clubs, and finding success despite being doubted. The artists deliver punchy bars, finding choppy cadences throughout the track.

KIDJUDA has been silent so far in 2021, meaning his fans have had to rely on old releases as they wait for new music to come out. While there hasn’t been an official announcement, the artist did mention he plans to release new music soon. For now, listen to the artist below:

You can listen to KIDJUDA here:

You can follow KIDJUDA here:

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