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Meximodo: Where Culinary Excellence Meets Record-Breaking Ambition


Meximodo: Where Culinary Excellence Meets Record-Breaking Ambition

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Discover Meximodo, Metuchen’s culinary jewel, with a world-class tequila selection. Founded by Saurabh Abrol, it’s more than a restaurant—it’s a Mexican experience.

If you’re looking for a gastronomic fiesta and a place that embodies the soul of Mexican cuisine, Meximodo is the new hotspot that you won’t want to miss. Located in the heart of Metuchen, New Jersey, Meximodo isn’t just another Mexican restaurant; it’s a dream turned reality by Saurabh Abrol, Founder and CEO of Le Malt Hospitality Group.

With ambitions to set a Guinness World Record for the largest collection of tequilas, Meximodo aims to be the ultimate destination for food and spirits lovers alike.

The Visionary Behind Meximodo: Saurabh Abrol

Saurabh Abrol is no stranger to the hospitality industry. A first-generation immigrant who turned his life around from sharing a one-bedroom apartment with his family to becoming a nationally recognized multi-millionaire, Abrol has defied the odds. Over the past two decades, he has built an empire that includes acclaimed brands like Le Malt Lounge, Le Malt Royale, and Wine Chateau.

His business acumen is matched only by his unyielding dedication to quality and innovation. From launching Le Malt Hospitality Group in 2012 to raking in almost $75 million in revenue, Abrol has weathered storms and embraced challenges as blessings. But what sets him apart is his unwavering focus on customer service and creating a unique value proposition, which Meximodo aims to embody fully.

The Meximodo Experience

A Symphony of Flavors

Meximodo prides itself on blending the roots of classic Mexican cooking with modern twists. Using locally sourced ingredients from the Garden State, the culinary team crafts dishes that transport you on a journey through Mexico. Whether it’s polo con mole or Nayarit-style red snapper, every dish is a masterpiece in its own right.

Tequila Galore

Why settle for a choice of a couple of tequila options when you can have more than a thousand? Meximodo aspires to break the Guinness World Record for most agave spirits at a single licensed location, an accolade currently held by Mama Rabbit Bar in Las Vegas. With such an extensive range, this establishment is set to become the Mecca for tequila enthusiasts.

All Are Welcome

Whether it’s a romantic date night, an outing with friends, or a family dinner, Meximodo’s vibrant and warm atmosphere is designed to make everyone feel at home.

Design & Space

The 8,000-square-foot haven features an open kitchen, Mexican-inspired murals, floral patterns, and neon lighting. With indoor seating for 130 and an outdoor patio that accommodates 40, it promises an immersive experience.

Grand Opening and Beyond

Meximodo will officially open its doors on November 9th, 2023. Initially, it will operate from 4-11 p.m. seven days a week, with lunch hours to be added later.

The Future of Meximodo

In a marketplace where most establishments merely aim for survival, Saurabh Abrol’s Meximodo aims for immortality. With a foundation set deep in the roots of culinary authenticity, Meximodo brings the authentic flavors and atmosphere of Mexico to the heart of Metuchen, New Jersey.

Community and Sustainability

Recognizing the importance of community and environmental sustainability, Meximodo plans to expand its initiatives to include a robust recycling program, community events, and culinary workshops that educate people about sustainable eating. An exclusive line of eco-friendly merchandise is also on the horizon, as the brand continually seeks ways to blend profitability with responsibility.

A Brand that Transcends Borders

Saurabh Abrol doesn’t just plan to stop with one Meximodo; he envisions a future where each location offers a unique subset of dishes and spirits inspired by its locality, all while maintaining the brand’s core values of quality, authenticity, and community. From the streets of Tokyo to the boulevards of Paris, Meximodo aims to be a universal synonym for Mexican culinary excellence.

Ready for a culinary journey through Mexico while sipping on a world-class selection of tequilas? Don’t wait! Mark your calendar for November 9th and be part of this grand opening.

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