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Meet Mo Shakray: The Artist Conveying Self-Love Through Music

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Meet Mo Shakray: The Artist Conveying Self-Love Through Music

Thanks to the advent of digital platforms, the music industry is thriving on fresh global talents. As artists no longer depend on music labels and producers to find audiences, new talents are entering the industry, showcasing their unique style and approach to musical genres. Mo Shakray is one such promising name, embracing the spotlight for her distinct style influenced by Caribbean rhythms.

Mo’s journey into the realm of music stems from her exposure to a diverse music culture from different countries she lived in. Her music is a powerful message of self-love, self-assurance, and alignment. Growing up in a household where her parents were good singers, the melodies of R&B, Reggae, Dancehall, and Soca attracted her. At 4, music became her therapy after her parents’ separation when she was living in Okinawa, Japan. However, Mo also nurtured a profound love for Caribbean beats, staying true to her roots. Growing up, she performed in a choir and received vocal training to hone her craft further.

One of her vivid childhood memories is an album of Destiny’s Child’s Writings on the Wall. Mo developed the skill of matching pitch by ear by listening to the harmonies of Destiny’s Child. At 12, she began writing songs and recorded a couple in high school. Her second recording session was in a professional studio in San Diego, where she was deeply inspired by the skills of the sound engineer who transformed her vocals and music beats into a song. Mo knew she had found her calling.

Mo earned a bachelor’s degree in audio production after high school. This degree shaped her career in the music industry, making her an independent artist. Now, she records, mixes, and masters her tracks. The music icon Lauryn Hill influenced her music. As a child, Mo felt a connection to Lauryn Hill because of her Jamaican descent.

Mo follows a creative process to craft every song, allowing the beats to guide her thoughts. This helps her craft melodies and lyrics that resonate with her soul. As a black woman, she holds on to her values of self-love, self-assurance, and alignment in a world she feels can be beautiful and ugly. These values found their way into her songs, helping her stand out.

One of Mo’s latest releases, “Match,” is inspired by Beres Hammond’s “Ain’t That Loving You.” Echoing the emotions of Beres’ classic “Match” reveals why her partner loves her, reflecting the power of love and compatibility. Driven by her harmonious energy, Mo evolved in her craft, making her music more concise and clear and her diction sharper. However, building a fan base was challenging. She had to balance multiple roles, from artist to songwriter to engineer to model, to chase her dreams in music.

With an unwavering commitment to her craft, Mo managed to shine, overcoming all the challenges in her journey. She believes consistency is key to success, “Keep going, even when the journey seems daunting,” she shares. Her talent allowed her to perform in a Latin music space, showcasing her unique Afro-Caribbean vibes that enthralled the audience.

Mo Shakray has bigger dreams for the future. She looks forward to collaborations with renowned artists and has several unreleased projects in the pipeline to keep her fan base entertained. As she continues making her mark in the music industry, Mo aspires to spread the message of self-love globally through her music.

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