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Meet DJ Jerome G, the man, and the mind behind the track “Right Foot”

DJ Jerome G
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Meet DJ Jerome G, the man, and the mind behind the track “Right Foot”

song has received thus far.

Not all those who wander are lost is a phrase people have heard about for years. However, it truly means that people need to take on their expeditions to finally reach their true purpose in life, as this can change the course of their careers and add more meaning to their journeys. DJ Jerome G, aka Jerome Gotthier, did the same and enthralled the world when he entered the music space. Coming from a background, which had nothing to do with the field to going ahead in becoming who he is, he has truly taken the “Right Foot” in the industry, which we can confidently say. What’s even more interesting is that “Right Foot” is also a song by him, which was released recently, and with that, DJ Jerome G has taken strides in the industry.

With Right Foot, DJ Jerome G has yet again proved his prowess and excellence in music and beats. His passion exudes through this song, which has a certain relaxing feel to it and makes people hear it for long. Such is the magic DJ Jerome G creates and aspires to keep making all his life in his musical career. Becoming a DJ was no walk in the park for him, but he did it anyway for his love for music. This love he has in his heart for music has helped him tread his path and create tracks like these, ultimately garnering true love from the audience.

The beats, music, and the entire feel that DJ Jerome G gives listeners and music lovers have also allowed him to thrive in the industry in multiple ways, which has been a sight to behold.

Find out more about him through Instagram @mistergotthier and check out Right Foot on Spotify now

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