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Meet Crypto Expert & LWK Group Founder Timur Kudratov

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Meet Crypto Expert & LWK Group Founder Timur Kudratov

Timur Kudratov is the owner & founder of LWK Group. He is also a serial entrepreneur & enthusiastic investor in several blockchain, Metaverse, NFT & Crypto projects.

Please tell us more about LWK Group…
Luxury World Key is a lifestyle management concierge company. We are a private holding group
with five companies operating under its umbrella. We have a concierge service company, an event
management company, a real estate company (WhiteWalls) and we also provide second
citizenship with RelocateGlobal.
The company started 15 years ago with the opening of its headquarters in Dubai in 2006 and
further expanded worldwide. We have a team of highly qualified specialists of different
backgrounds & experiences, who offer personalised services to individuals and corporations with
a desire to get exceptional quality services.

Why I founded LWK Group?
I started my career as a lifeguard at Jumeirah Group and I then moved to the concierge
department where I was working as Concierge clerk. I started building my network and I saw that
there were a lot of requests from Russian speaking clients, so I decided to open my own
concierge company – LWK Group.

LWK Group has offices …
Our main office is based in the UAE, in Dubai. We previously had offices in London and Moscow
but we decided to manage all of our business activities from our Dubai office.

What does LWK Group offer?

We offer our clients coming from all over the world a concierge service, event management
support, real estate consultancy and second citizenship consultancy. We do also business set up
in the UAE. Which means that we provide help to all those that want to open their business here in
the UAE. We help them with the trade license, and all the other procedures related to opening a
business in the UAE.

For those looking to become a client at LWK Group …

Everyone is more than welcome to contact us if they need concierge service or any other servies
that we provide. We can be contacted directly via our group instagram @lwkgroup or via my
personal insta @timurinvest or by email :

Biggest accomplishment to date …
I guess LWK’s Group biggest accomplishment so far is our partnership with NAJAHI. When big
artists came to Dubai for concerts we were helping with the organisation and transportation.
Plans for the next 5 years
We are currently restructuring our company and we are focused on investing in tech and digital
startup. Investment in the tech sector is our main focus for the years to come.

You Can Follow Timur On Twitter Here

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