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Interview with Multi-Genre artist Nâdya Sudjaja

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Interview with Multi-Genre artist Nâdya Sudjaja

Nâdya Sudjaja, an Asian-American singer came from humble beginnings in Southeast Asia. She had been known to work behind the scenes as a songwriter. She worked with veterans in the music industry interpreting Disney Classics in Bahasa Indonesian, to include, Cermin Diri (from the movie Mulan’s Reflection) and most recently Lepaskan Pop Version (from the movie Frozen’s Let it Go).

Nâdya recently became one of the very few crossover artists from the Philippines to have ranked and charting in the top 50 of the Global Adult Contemporary Charts simultaneously. Path for Love is a musical collaboration between two international artists; Nadya Sudjaja and Oleksa Kaminsky. Despite the distance between the US and Ukraine, they both bridged the gap between continents to show music has no boundaries.

Nâdya, a true woman of the world, sings in her voice the story of our lives. Nâdya together with talented artists around the globe is working on her next album “Chain of Dreams.” It is an authentic album, with melodies tinged with pop sounds from all over the world, that only she could sing.

Nadya was recently recognized by the World Songwriting Awards in December of 2018 for her song with Oleksa Kaminsky: ‘Lepaskan’ where she received the Best Song Award – in the World Music category. Nadya was also recognized and commended for her song ‘Path of Love’ in the UK Songwriting Awards as well as a Finalist at World Songwriting Awards in the Pop Music category.

Talented, radiant and atypical, Nadya is a citizen of here and elsewhere, who seizes her pen as soon as she feels the urge to inspire and share her stories through music. What to expect on her new album? Nâdya’s travel diary and memories from around the globe.

Tell us your history.

I am an Asian-American singer came from humble beginnings in Southeast Asia. In my earlier days as a musician, I’ve worked behind the scenes as a songwriter. I was blessed to be able to work with veterans in the music industry where I started my journey at Disney.

Describe yourself as an artist? Tell us the genre of your music.

I am a Multi-Genre artist, I love incorporating eclectic sounds I’ve picked up along my travels in most continents. I give my audience to look forward to in a way that I may do a power ballad in one set and do a Club/Dance song on the next.

Tell us the story behind your song.

Path for love was written when I was 18 after a broken heart. I turn to music for comfort and refuge. Writing music is something that helps me cope with my emotions. This song is my way of convincing myself to enjoy life, seize the moment and enjoy life while waiting for my true love. Fast forward to 2018, I have met a Ukranian instrumentalist and multi-talented artist (Oleksa Kaminsky) and after a few exchanges, we started producing Path for Love.

This collaboration garnered attention as it made it to DRT Global Adult Contemporary Charts for 4 weeks in a row along with Ariana Grande and Backstreet Boys. This song also made it as a Best Song Finalist for the 2018 World Songwriting Awards and received a commendation also in 2018, from UK Songwriting Awards.

Tell us the problems you are facing as a musician.

The first challenge is cash flow. As an independent artist, I must work harder on paid gigs and keep my Air Conditioning business to stay afloat to fund my music ventures. Second is the clutter in the cyberspace. It is great to have a lot of competition, but it also makes it difficult to an artist to be found due to the clutter.

Discuss the recording and production of the song.

Now, this is interesting, Oleksa recorded the live instruments in Ukraine and after several revisions, I then recorded the vocal tracks and sent it over in Ukraine. We have had difficulties at times but we moved forward steadfastly as we complete the track.

Elaborate on your music career, experience, and future goals.

My career strategy is very precise and calculated. Being a Business School Alumni at Harvard I tend to run my career as a business which is logical but uncommon among indie artists. Our efforts in running a tighter ship lead us to several sponsorship offers and to my Concert Tour in SE Asia this year.

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Brief us what inspires you to write, compose and sing.

I get my fuel from emotions, life event, and challenges in everyday life. I feel it keeps my song in touch with my fans as I belt my heart out.

Brief us the top-secret behind making a hit song.

In my opinion, the top-secret is right under our noses, a strong relatable song that is well structured would be ideal. Although common promotion budget and proper execution thereof is a must. It’s a business, after all, you invest and make sure to project you ROI.

Discuss at length your music careers, albums, songs, tours, recognition or awards you might have received.

I was recently recognized by the World Songwriting Awards in December of 2018 for the song with Oleksa Kaminsky: ‘Lepaskan’ where we received the Best Song Award – in the World Music category. Our song ‘Path of Love’ was one of the commended entries in the UK Songwriting Awards as well as a Finalist at World Songwriting Awards in the Pop Music category.

Transformation Concert Tour is on schedule to start in early summer of this year where I will be visiting 15 countries across North America, Europe, The Middle East, and SE Asia.

I am also one of the music panels at the International Singer Songwriter Association and the founder of Indie Artist Collective International. Both organizations cater to the development of artists around the globe while maintaining the quality of the music we produce via mentoring and coaching.

Tell us how you write your lyrics, compose, sing and record in the studio.

Having my own studio is very critical in my process. I must be in my zone when writing a song. A relaxed, bright and cool environment if you may. I meditate before the session and come back to it a few days later to freshen my thoughts and hear the songs with a fresh pair of listening ears.

Name your favorite artists for collaboration.

My go-to guy is Oleksa Kaminsky from Ukraine, he has been a blessing to my craft. Another artist that’s on top of my list is Wan Ying Chan, a Malaysian Composer, my co-writer Jack Slater from London, England and most recently, Philippines’ David Foster and guaranteed hit-maker, Maestro Vehnee Saturno.





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