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Interview with Hip Hop Artist Young Honey

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Interview with Hip Hop Artist Young Honey

How did you come by your stage name?

My friends and I all started rapping together and were trying to come up with names, and I went with Young Honey, mainly cause I like to think I’m smooth and sweet. (But I’m also the dude to wink with both eyes)

When did you discover your love for your craft and what made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in it?

When I got to college my friends and I would freestyle really late at night together and one day someone brought a mic into the room and we were all just looking at it like “are we gonna do this?” And we went full send I’m really thankful that I started all this with that group of guys because the love, support, and constructive criticism they give has helped me as an artist and as a person.

To what or whom do you accredit your sense of style?

Mac Miller, XXXTENTACION, and Lil Peep all play a role in my music and who I am, but the idea of expression through music and my ideal sounds come from old rock groups like Pink Floyd and Aerosmith

On your upcoming project, how did you come up with the concept?

The first mixtape I put it was mainly just to see if I could do it and create a body of work that conveys my emotions and my struggles and I think I accomplished that but I definitely have a long way to go before creating something I can be wholeheartedly proud of.

What are some of your greatest challenges, and what is your greatest attribute when it comes to your work ethic?

I think my flow has been the hardest part about rapping because the lyrics all came easy but I struggled to hear the rhythm in my head. So I think the work I’ve put into my flow and the amount of effort I’m going to continue to put into it is something the take note of, I only aim to improve.

Are you the best at what you do in your opinion?

Fuck no, but I will be.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank, any shout outs?

Miko Jester

Lil Merp





How can fans find you?

I’m on SoundCloud at


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