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Interview with Country Disco Artist Ela

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Interview with Country Disco Artist Ela

New Country Disco artist Ela (yes you heard that right, Country Disco) Intrigued? I know we were! Listen up to hear more about the Austin artist with a rippin’ new sound and a new Single and Video headed your way.

Tell us about your beginnings in music!

Thank you for asking! I have always had an affinity for 3 things! Art, Music, and fitness! I began singing and being in talent shows at an early age and as I grew up I took a lesson and excelled at learning technique. I like being a student and pride myself on being a quick study because I know you have to learn the rules to break them and all I wanted to do what BREAK THE RULES!

I was in an amazing choir and small group in high school where we swept awards like crazy and I knew every word to Les Miserables and then I fell in love with the Indigo Girls. Folk and Pop Rock are my roots. I’d sing in the mirror like a star but I didn’t have the know how to do that and in my family, you go straight to college.

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So I got my first “cumulative” degree in Screenwriting and a second degree in Graphic Design and went into designing for a living. I took a couple of cracks at songwriting and a few shows that I was terrified to be at but eventually, I met some friends that encouraged me, don’t we need those people!?? And I began to play small festivals.

The Frank Brown Songwriters Festival is where I broke the Proverbial Seal! I went first for the NSAI songwriting contest and won! I also had the pleasure of sharing a stage with Nashville’s Suzi Ragsdale and the beautiful owner of the Bluebird. I didn’t have the gusto to follow thru at the time but I tried from Minnesota and didn’t find traction. So, I met my husband and took a creative Director job in San Francisco! Great CITY!

It was a move I had to make to get where I am today. I didn’t like corporate and that was my path. It made me happy but not outrageous happy. so we decided not to settle. My husband got relocated to Austin where the weather’s good, the music scene is kickin’ and the BBQ is bitchin!

I had a 3 month defrag and started at open mics with my hubs on bass and pretty soon we started getting gigs and I learned this music thing on the fly because there’s no book on this thang!

I learned to negotiate, I learned my worth and I gain the confidence I needed that can’t be skirted…or bypassed to get to the next level. I knew I had something when people started offering help: financial and whatnot and it’s led me here!

I LOVE her and I can’t wait to get to there…!!

Who has been your greatest inspirations so far in your career?

My friends. My husband who knows that we both needed to find each other to get ourselves to a place where we could create well!

When did you decide to make music your full-time gig?

3 years ago to the day!

We hear the new video is going to be ON FIRE, plz share a bit about the process with our readers…

My co-writer and producer Matt Parmenter came up with the song Light It Up when I brought the chorus to him and he is amazing at creating a vibe around my hooks and we made Magic, pure and simple.

So, the video pretty much created itself. We got offered this crazy, amazing house to shoot at and dancers were put in front of me and I was like, of course, we need dancers and body painters and balloons!!!!! It’s simply the idea of “this is my vibe” and it makes me feel good! I want you to feel good and LIGHT UP when you hear it!!

Any advice for women just getting started in music out there?

Show up and run like hell through the fear, cuz if you walk you probably won’t do it!

Tell us about Austin!

The vibe is chill, people look you in the eye and we’ve met genuine souls. and from the above answer is all you need… 8- degrees, BBQ and LOTS of LIVE MUSIC!

Where can we support you out there and buy your music?

Thank you So Much for asking me to do this interview!

Here are my sites where you can Like, Follow + Share + buy music:


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