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Harry Kappen’s Mind-Blowing Art Rock Single ‘Not All of Us Agreed’ Dives Deep into Artificial Intelligence

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Harry Kappen’s Mind-Blowing Art Rock Single ‘Not All of Us Agreed’ Dives Deep into Artificial Intelligence

Listen up!  We are here to give you the lowdown on the talented Dutch musician and music therapist, Harry Kappen. This guy is a real musical genius, a multi-instrumentalist who creates his masterpieces right from the comfort of his home studio in the Netherlands.

Now, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a couple of tracks by Harry in the past, and let me tell ya, I was itching to hear more. And guess what? I wasn’t disappointed, my friends. Harry’s latest single, “Not All Of Us Agreed,” dropped on June 15, 2023, and it’s a real gem.

This song tackles a hot topic, folks. It dives into the rapid rise of new technologies, especially artificial intelligence, and the profound impact it’s having on us humans. Harry’s got some serious lyrical firepower in this one, exploring our relationship with technology, the skewed reality we’re fed by the news, and whether we’re all just gonna turn into soulless algorithms. Deep stuff, my friends. It really makes you sit up and ponder the effects of technology on our lives.

Musically, “Not All Of Us Agreed” is built on a foundation of classic soft rock, but Harry throws in some pop rock and AOR influences to keep things interesting. The song starts off with a laid-back groove from the drums and guitars, but as it progresses, it builds up in intensity, culminating in an epic guitar solo that adds a whole new layer of awesomeness to the already kick-ass music and lyrics.

And let’s not forget about Harry’s killer vocals, folks. The guy’s got pipes that could wake the dead. He delivers the message of the song with the force and power it deserves, and the musicianship from him and his crew is top-notch.

So, my fellow Muzique fans, do yourselves a favor and hop on over to social media to check out Harry Kappen and his incredible music. Let’s help this guy spread his important messages and show him the love he deserves.

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