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Feenyx New Interview with Muzique Magazine

Feenyx New Interview with Muzique Magazine
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Feenyx New Interview with Muzique Magazine

Feenyx New Interview with Muzique Magazine
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Feenyx New Interview with Muzique Magazine

2. Artist Name:


3. What inspired your artist’s name? And where did you get the name from?

 Feenyx got his name after searching for a mascot for his label, TYMELESS. The only animal we could find to represent us was the phoenix. Over time he noticed his former name, Beatty Tymeless, wasn’t catching enough attention. Feenyx believes God told him to because after changing the name he realized he’d been working across the street from The Phoenix on Peachtree for the past 3 years and never knew. Since changing his name he draws in more attention and people always ask him this question.

4. Where are you from (born and raised)? And where did you grow up?

 Feenyx was born in Charleston, WV to Tina & Ron Beatty, Feenyx was a Jr, youngest of 4 with 3 older sisters. His mother was an Apostle and his Father was a Teacher both for over 30 years, Feenyx was a born leader. West Virginia isnt is known for anything music-related and the environment proved it. The urban culture is stagnant and over time only got worse, such as WV is the most miserable state statistically, overdose capital in the world, and also one of the poorest states, Feenyx had to fly south.

5. Where do you currently live?

Feenyx landed in Atlanta, Ga August 24th, 2014 and has been living here ever since.

6. Why did you move to where you currently live?

As mentioned above WV was behind when it comes to music scene, one of the poorest states in America, and it was the overdose capital of the world. Feenyx was raised in the church but not even tGod’s grace can’t keep him from every bad decision. Feenyx had to hustle to save up to move he and his now fiance, Taylor, both knew the future of WV at this moment isnt beneficial for our lives. When you see friends dying from drugs and bullets, and everyone else just getting overweight and depressed he had to make a move, and when the Wv water crisis hit, that was the last straw.

7. What is YOUR genre?

Hip Hop / Rap – Like the Emcee’s Real Bars!

8. How would you describe your sound/style?

Feenyx doesn’t have a style, he’s a iguana when it coms to this music, Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, etc. Although the only people he’s been told he sounds similar to is Nipsey Hussle and Lil Wayne, which is fair because Feenyx raps about the conscience, the business of things, he has tons of club records, but his specialty is when he get’s in his inspirational bag. I would say Feenyx is the epitome of “Movie Music”, Absolutely Commercial!

9. Do you also write, produce, and/or engineer your own music?

Feenyx is one of a kind, not only in 2010 did he attend The Recording Workshop in Ohio, but he also interned at 11th Street Studios, Atlanta’s busiest studio, so yes he does Engineer as well. Aside from being on the mic and behind the board, he also shoots all of his own videos, or he calls them “ MoFEE’s” mostly completely by himself out of his garage he’s turned into a production studio.

10. Do you dance/choreograph?

Feenyx does dance a little bit but not anything choreographed

11. Do you have any other special talents, such as acting, etc.?

Yes! Feenyx is a natural actor and comedian, he’s always talking about acting one day in his own MoFEE. Aside from rapping, Feenyx is known as Ronnies Real Estate to an audience in Atlanta, being a Realtor for 5 years and making Rapping Real Estate songs that go viral, Feenyx is a man that wears many, many hats.

12. When did you start doing music? And when did you start taking it seriously?

Be as detailed as you’d like.

Feenyx started doing music at 7 years old, his sister Tiana told him he should after showing him Bow Wow and Romeo and then we had a semi famous cousin that lived in Ohio that he met and all these things started his career. Feenyx had a big confidence problem growing up so during the years he always took it seriously since he started but there was a ceiling. When Feenyx got with a group Myndless Musik, he started to see the power they had over the city and after he graduated he started his own label and started filming and went to audio engineering school so he’d say 2010 is when he definitely seen his power and decided to commit.

13. When did you record your first record?

8 Years old , my best friend Jodie had an Uncle who had a studio and let us make a song.

14. Why music? Describe your passion.

Feenyx has passion for everything, he will talk to you about the stars, the tree’s, the ability to have free will, but what stands out to him about music is that it can be magical, TYMELESS. Meaning music brings people together or divides them, motivates or can have people depressed, happy or sad.

People remember the exact place they were when they hear a song, or even in a movie, Feenyx believes leaving music has power and used the right way can  you can control your energy, he doesn’t understand how people dont listen to music

15. Who/what inspires your sound/music?

Feenyx sound is inspired by the radio, meaning all we had was the radio growing up, he eventually got cable and cd’s but the he would listen to what would get p[layed on the radio and studied the commercial sound and subject matter and mastered the sound.

Feenyx calls his sound movie music because all of it has so much meaning and being a director, when he writes music, he see’s the visual at the exact same time. Feenyx will change words to match how he will shoot the video which is him thinking 2 steps ahead. Feenyx is ready to crossover, he wants peopl eall over the world to know his music and doesn’t need to be the most gangsta or be in clubs, but somehow someway everyone will still know The Feenyx

16. Who is your motivation and why?

Feenyx motivation is his Family, and his Haters, Feenyx comes from a big family in WV, then moved to where he practically has none, only an aunt. So if anything goes wrong there will be no help, so that motivates him because when he first moved down here all he had was 800 dollars and 30 days to figure out how he was going to stay in Atlanta. So fro there he had to hustle everyday, learn to sell cars, then phones, then houses.

Motivation isnt of shortage when it comes to Feenyx, his goal is to buy a part of a city and move his entire family there, no outsiders. But most importantly Feenyx wants to build a school to combat public school.

17. Who are the top 3 artists that you currently look up to?

Kendrick, Lil Baby, Drake

18. What are your goals when it comes to your music career?

To build a notable name so that I can profit residual income that’s enough to power my other ideas and goals. I have to save the world!

19. What impact are you looking to make with your music? Who do you want to impact?

Feenyx is looking to show the rap game that you can be a Pastor’s kid and still be from the streets, so just because I pray, repent, ask for guidance from a higher power, doesn’t make you tougher. Music isnt about killing and violence all the time, you can have a wife and be a rapper, you can be smart as fuck and be a rapper, you aint gotta catch a charge ever in life to be gangsta.

It’s okay to sound different, Feenyx aims to inspire all that will listen, just because people are older doesn’t mean they are smarter, mental ages diff from physical so sometimes an old head can learn from me. The young and rising definitely are taking notes from Feenyx.

20. Any life-changing stories/incidents that impacted your music career, your decision to do music, your journey, etc?

This is an opportunity to really connect with the reader, make yourself relatable, etc. and so if this question pertains to you, please be as detailed as possible here.

21. In your opinion, what makes you stand out from other/current artists out there?

Feenyx stands out in Atlanta because everyone thinks he’s from California, from his style to the way he talks. What is unique about that is he doesn’t rap like he’s from there, not only that, but he shoots his own videos that look like they came from the top directors in the game. If Feenyx needs to learn something, consider it done, whatever to advance his career. When Feenyx walks into a room he can talk to anyone in the room, if you’ve ever seen a live show he has full crowd control and no fear at all.Feenyx is the apex of creativity, the future will prove that.

22. Have you been compared to other artists?

If so, who? Yes, Lil Wayne, Drake, & Nipsey Hussle

23. What are you most known for? What got you noticed? 

Feenyx is most known for his hit WV Water which highlighted the WV Water Crisis, it got statewide news coverage and praise from all of the people who saw it. He also shot a video about Black Lives Matter during the protest in Atlanta, which got him a lot of views and got picked up by Telemundo and CNN.

In 2016 Feenyx was with Casino and Future during the tour which he met through working T-Mobile then soon became close and that really boosted his credibility in the industry as far as his fans go, people really had to take him seriously after that.

24. Are you an independent artist or currently signed to a major label?

Independent Artist

25. Have you performed and/or participated in any talent shows and/or television shows?

Feenyx has done Local Talent shows , he has also opened up for K Camp, Young Jeezy, Lloyd, & Camron

26. Has any of your music and/or content gone viral?

Feenyx has gone semi-viral on Instagram for his Real Estate Rap Video where he raps all about buying or selling a home and shoots a video in Atlanta condos. He also caused a stir in WV by dropping “King of the Hills” EP back in 2018. the local radio station played his single everyday where they heard him call himself the king and that really got people motivated.

27. How many albums/EPs have you released to date?

The Feenyx – 2017

Airborn – 2018 (EP)

K.O.T.H – 2018 (EP)

Flock With Me – 2019

Rise in Power – 2021

Feenyx New Interview with Muzique Magazine
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28. What are you currently working on?

Feenyx is fully focused on dropping another EP based around his Podcast “ Ruffled Feathers” which he talks about the most heated topics and takes callers, and gives advice. But in order to boost the podcast he wants to Ruffle some Feathers in the industry so he will be addressing a lot of issues in this industry. All of this comes after he finishes shooting a video to every song on his last Album.

29. Do you have a new project that is out now or coming out soon that you are currently promoting?

Rise in Power – 7/2/2021

Singles include – Get 2 It, Horizon,Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Die with You

30. Where can we hear/check out your music?

On All streaming Platforms under : Feenyx

31. Have you collaborated or are you currently collaborating with any special artists, music producers, writers, etc.?

Yes I have collabed with Ta Easy who is a local producer from my city, Gator from Southside Atlanta, and Dufflebag on my last project.

32. What would you like to do after music?

Feenyx has plans to open production studios to help other artists put more thought into these videos, not only that but he’d like to teach them as well. Aside from that he wants to open a school that teaches kids real history and things they need to know to be successful. Lastly Feenyx is entrepreneur, so inventions and business models are all in his list of things to do, he just needs to prove that this music which he fell in love with first he accomplishes.

33. Please list any major accomplishments relating to your career – for example: the “Must Mentions” – that should be highlighted in the article.










34. What message do you want to leave the audience with when reading the article?

 Feenyx needs to let the people know that he spent a lot of years worrying about what people thought about him specifically because he was a pastor kid. Growing up I had a lot of expectations that put me in a box and I had to move out to really find out who I was.

I call  it, Finding your Feenyx. Unlearning everything you know and relearning it and making sure it aligns with who you are today or else you’ll be split down the middle and that’s how you become depressed.

Torn between who you are and who you want to be, time waits for no man and Tempus Fugit, meaning time flies, so wake up blessed and thankful if you can walk, talk, smell, hear, talk, then you are able and you can do it. I was the most shyest kid now I got my shirt off on Youtube popping shit. I say that to say fuck pleasing everyone you got peopl ewho gonna love you and hate you, long as they feel a way, you winning.

35. What is next for you?

Feenyx doesn’t plan on slowing down he is actually actively shooting videos for his recently released project, planning to drop another. He also is working on a pilot TV show, similar to Atlanta but more about where he comes from and his life raising his son.

36. Do you have a YouTube channel?

37. Do you have any music videos out?

38. Anything else you’d like to add/mention?


IG: @thefeenyx                               


YouTube Channel:         

TikTok: @thefeenyx

SnapChat: thefeenyx



The inspiration behind this song comes from an aggravated, dissappointed point in my life when i felt like the people around me wasnt really for me like they should have been. Big Stuff is that moment when you come back and find your feenyx, unlearn, relearn, then comeback bossed up to the point they dont who you are now. Im better than I was, I know who I am, If you knew me, you dont know me now, you can call me Big Stuff, confident, efficient, respected.



Alfred Munoz Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Licensed Real Estate Professional

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Muzique Magazine Alfred Munoz, is an American Army Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Advisor with over 20 years of experience in the Music Industry, Leadership, Management, and Branding.




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