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Exclusive “Meader” Interview with Muzique Magazine

Meader Interview with Muzique Magazine
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Exclusive “Meader” Interview with Muzique Magazine

Meader Interview with Muzique Magazine
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Meader Interview with Muzique Magazine

How did you come by your stage name?

This was addressed in the lyrics from “Final Thoughts” off the first EP “Jamais Vu” “My name ain’t much, so I brand it”

When did you discover your love for your craft and what made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in it?

Weaving rhymes and metaphors, writing poetry in general, has always felt very natural but the first time words were put to a beat was around 2004.

To what or whom do you accredit your sense of style?

Early inspirations were Sasha (Sister) who wrote poetry and were an inspiration to start doing the same. Then a local indie artist named “Matt Drew” ( pushed hard on the scene and had a no-fear mentality that unknowingly pushed others to want to follow suit.

Biggie’s ability to tell a story and say things in a clever way was always a big inspiration, and of course, Eminem’s intertwined rhyme schemes and lyrical skills are next level and continues to push writing to be more clever on both the industry level and the independent level.

On your current project, how did you come up with the concept?

Stress made the music fall onto paper – writing can be a natural release and is one of the more healthy ways to do so.

What are some of your greatest challenges, and what is your greatest attribute when it comes to your work ethic?

Time is forever a hurdle. There are far too many interests and amazing potential projects – it’s impossible to limit to just one passion. Pushing forward is something learned, and how to do so in a healthy way can be difficult. Could have burned out a long while ago but apparently, that’s not in the plan yet.

Are you the best at what you do in your opinion?

Not even close. Life isn’t about being the best now – it’s about continuing to improve every day. Being on the upward slope and sprinting, let’s hope we never hit the top of this hill either – we can always be better than yesterday.

What are your plans for the near future?

Keep improving. Be better the next time the limelight shines and don’t take any of this for granted.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank, any shout outs?

Brothers Nick and Brian, as well as Nick James and Pepin for being sounding boards along the way. Roth Beats for Mixing/Mastering. Glo Beats for some of the sickest beats on the planet. Everyone who helps share this music and message.

How can fans find you?

What suggestions do you have for other artist like yourself?

Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to you and be better. No excuses.



Alfred Munoz Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Licensed Real Estate Professional

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Muzique Magazine Alfred Munoz, is an American Army Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Advisor with over 20 years of experience in the Music Industry, Leadership, Management, and Branding.


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