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Draaco Aventura Exclusive Interview with Muzique Magazine

Draaco Aventura Exclusive Interview with Muzique Magazine
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Draaco Aventura Exclusive Interview with Muzique Magazine

Draaco Aventura Exclusive Interview with Muzique Magazine
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Draaco Aventura Exclusive Interview with Muzique Magazine

What is your music background?

I started off as a fan of the R&B and Pop music that my Mom listened to on the radio while I was growing up. I listened to artists like Baby Face, BoyzIIMen, Keith Sweat, Usher, any popular R&B group from the 90s like 112, Next, Total, and Escape. I really loved watching Michael Jackson’s videos; he was my most favorite performer.

I started singing along with the songs and imitating dance moves from Michael Jackson and Usher. I started doing talent shows in Valdosta, GA where I grew up, and even performed in official High school-hosted talent shows.  I joined the School show choir when I was 15 and performed regularly. I even lead a Highschool Men’s Quartet that placed second in State Literary and Arts performance division.

Who are your musical influences?

My current Musial influences are The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Drake, and Latin Artists:  Zacarias Ferreira, Romeo Santos, and Anthony Santos. I love the falsetto voice of the Weekend, and Bruno Mars just has the best melodies and lyrics to his Pop songs, his performances are amazing as well. He is my favorite. The others are Bachata singers, and I really love that music for dancing and listening.

What are your long-term career goals?

I would like to develop a moderate fanbase and hopefully open for a few headliners as I grow and get ready for my own shows, and eventually become a major artist. Acting is also one of my pursuits so I would like to gain more acting roles in major TV or Streaming Series. Modeling is also one of my passions, so I will be pursuing roles for the runway as well as photography.  I do not intend to stop entertaining ever again.

What type of recording process do you use and who produced your music?

I have a home studio setup with Protools, and mice, and soundboard. My process involves a lot recording my melodies and hooks ideas to my phone since they come in sudden attacks of creativity as I go about my day, my mind just gives me slick lyrics and nice melodies and I just feel compelled to record it on my phone since it’s usually my closest option. Then I go to my studio and clarify the lyrics and melody.

Once I have the hook, I record a demo of it. After the hook, I think of the overall theme of the song, envision the setting and mode I want for the song. Like a club or romantic love song, then I sing/write the verses. As of late, I produce my own music for my songs. I already have a new song finished that I did all the work on. It will be released in about a month, while I am completing the Music video for this one.

Do you ever get the chance to perform live?

I have performed live before and would like the opportunity to do it again. It was at an artist showcase. Once I put my dancers together and film the Music Video we will start performing the song.

Are you looking to remain independent or would you prefer a major label deal?

I am open to signing to a Label as soon as someone presents me with a solid plan that is beneficial to me and allows me to maintain a majority of creative control over my music. I just don’t want to be made to sound like everyone else or hit on the same themes as everyone else. I am a Pop Star, but I will also be venturing into some hip-hop vocals in some of my tracks. Currently, I have a Cyber Security Firm, called Essential Cyber Solutions, LLC that I run full-time, and I pursue my Music and Entertainment Career for the remainder of my time.

It is very expensive to create and promote music and requires a massive effort if you are to do it alone. I am a one-man shop with no support so it’s very exhausting. I value a team and would be grateful to have one. With a label, I would be able to create so much more and, much faster and would be able to make Entertainment my priority and my Cyber Security Firm would be secondary as I would be able to hire a manager for that enterprise once I am successful as an artist and have a label behind me.

If anything, what would you change about the music industry today?

I believe that the executives should stop trying to ride trends and only seek out artists that make music on the same themes or have the same sounds, or follow what they have promoted as the most popular style of music. I wish they would elevate more Pop artists instead of hip-hop artists with gang backgrounds. I have been to war, so I know that guns create destruction and I am not happy with destroying life, and I cannot understand why this is so heavily promoted by the Music Industry.

Draaco Aventura Exclusive Interview with Muzique Magazine
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It seems like every month or so, there is a new one getting support from labels and getting a lot of success because they are heavily promoted. I would like to see that happen for other Genres. They are very aggressive in scouting hip-hop artists, they really should give some focus and effort to finding and developing emerging Pop and Latin Artists like myself. They should elevate other Artists outside of that style of music or just stop complaining about gun violence because the Entertainment Industry is the most prolific promoter of gun violence.

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming artists?

My advice for anyone trying to break into the industry is to develop your sound and take your time getting your songs written and sounding right during the mixing and mastering phase. Be sure that you evaluate the vocals for pronunciation, proper lyrics, and matching tonality, and be sure to add voice color and character when possible and appropriate to the song. if you think you have a hit, be sure to promote it like you believe it can be a chart hit. Apply the right budget, get funding, do whatever you can because if you do not make the effort no one else will.

Anything else you want to say on the people?

Let’s all try to have patience with one another and understand that every moment is someone else’s worst and most challenging moment in their life. We are all prone to outbursts and acting out of character when we are emotional, offended, or angry. Let’s try to give people space and grace to get their feelings out without meeting them with the same energy. Don’t fight and argue, but instead #JustShutupAndDance

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Song Description

Just Shutup and Dance is an electronic pop song with merengue and reggaeton rhythms. The music was produced by Draaco Aventura, it is fast paced and very energetic. There is a dance challenge associated with the project #GetHimDress and #DraacoChallenge are the tags. There several great videos of sexy professional dancers performing to the song.

See the Official Dance Videos Playlist here:



Alfred Munoz Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Licensed Real Estate Professional

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