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Dr.TreHunna Releases Hard Reset: Nutrition

Dr.TreHunna Releases Hard Reset: Nutrition
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Dr.TreHunna Releases Hard Reset: Nutrition

Dr.TreHunna Releases Hard Reset: Nutrition
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Dr.TreHunna Releases Hard Reset: Nutrition

Celebrity Nutritionist Dr.TreHunna releases his project “Hard Reset: Nutrition” giving the world in his words The Reset Button You’ve Been Waiting For. Dr. Trehunna currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland, where he is utilizing his coined term “Social Nutrition” to make nutrition-focused videos aimed at reshaping the way people think of and engage with food. Now releasing his album you can listen to Dr.TreHunna on the go. Dr. Trehunna has gathered the requisite scientific knowledge to complement the practical experience he has acquired through training and coaching. He encourages his clients to never be afraid of sharing information with family members:

“You invested in yourself, now be a blessing to someone else. Together we can all turn the dream bodies we have in our head into a reality,” Dr.TreHunna

Through his informative and entertaining Instagram account, which has amassed millions of views, Dr.Trehunna aims to share his knowledge about the food and healthcare industry, which the average individual isn’t privy to. His field experience and university education have fueled his burning desire to provide minorities residing in lower socio-economic areas with the same Quality of Life (QoL) as those from affluent backgrounds. Dr.Trehunna hopes to change the narrative around the current obesity epidemic in African-American and Hispanic communities one day at a time.

After seeing all the attention his album has been receiving and the results of his program we had to find out more.

What makes Dr.TreHunna’s fitness program different?

This is the most optimal diet for a human being! Most programs try to throw you into the fire of a lifestyle that you aren’t accustomed to. This program focuses on creating new habits that are already reinforced by your current habits, helping you lose fat, not weight! Learn how food operates in your system & become the architect of your own body.

Do I need to buy anything in preparation for Dr.TreHunna’s fitness program?

The only thing you need for this program is the WILL to make it happen! The problem with this program is not women losing weight, it’s women losing weight so FAST that they start self-sabotaging themselves! So, get to your goal weight first, then have your fun later! That’s all that’s asked of you.

Dr.TreHunna Releases Hard Reset: Nutrition
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Does Dr.TreHunna’s train in person, or only virtually?

Only online! To become a high-ticket client who trains with Dr.TreHunna in person, ask for more information on the call!

Can I come to Dr.TreHunna’s to get in shape for plastic surgery ?

Dr.TreHunna would love for all of his clients to obtain their dream physique naturally! But of course, you can use his program to help expedite whatever journey you’re currently on! If the cosmetic surgery you’re inquiring about has to be paid out of pocket, hit your goal weight on this program, and Dr.TreHunna can 100% GUARANTEE that you’ll love your natural body better!

What if I don’t see any results?

It’s literally impossible not to get results unless you’re not a human being. This is science-based, so no excuses! If you gave this an honest shot, for 3 months, and didn’t lose AT LEAST 25 pounds? Dm Dr.TreHunna & he’ll refund you personally. So, let’s get to it!

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