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A Walk Through Mike Willion’s Fantastic Releases

Mike Willion
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A Walk Through Mike Willion’s Fantastic Releases

“I want to take away that you can do whatever you want through God and being consistent. I wanna be proof that you came from nothing and built an empire.” Mike Willion stated this when asked about what he wanted people to take from listening to his music.

Mike Willion’s music follows a unique spin on soul, R&B, and trap music. Being from the south, Alabama, you can definitely hear notes of southern influence in his music as well. In songs such as “God’s Timing” and “Cigar Session with a Virgo”, off of his 2021 album, “Selective Hearing 2”, you can hear the endless amounts of influence Mike carries in his songs. His discography is flooded with amazing singles and even better EPs and albums. Mike’s work is an attempt at relating to those who have been in a tough spot and an attempt to show people how good things can be if you work for them.

Music has become a huge piece of Mike’s life and the work he has put in has granted him immense opportunities as he pursues his own future successes. Be sure to give Mike Willion a listen and check out all of his past releases. With new music on the way soon, there is no better time to get to know Mike Willion and his unique sound.

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