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8bitAlex Drops “Musta” a Must Listen

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8bitAlex Drops “Musta” a Must Listen

8bitAlex is an electronic artist that is here to stay. Coming off the release of the highly anticipated “Musta”, 8bitAlex is starting to demonstrate a level of elite creativity.

Daring to push the boundaries within his genre,  Alex continues to deliver high-quality sound production again and again. “I’ve always loved the crossover of blending sounds and never really felt confined to one specific genre. Music is an art and historically it’s been meant to push boundaries and bring original content to the world”. This quote by Alex touches on the fresh appeal he attempts to bring in with each release.

8bitAlex has impressed fans so far with his current catalog. With more looking forward to hearing more from​ him​ in 2022, it’s clear the young artist is here to stay.

Check out his Spotify release “Musta” here:

8bitAlex on Instagram:

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