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Interview With Celebs Go Dating Star Adam Mann

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Interview With Celebs Go Dating Star Adam Mann

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Mann is a 29-year-old semi-professional footballer, model, and reality TV star from Gloucester, UK. Most recently he appeared on the hit reality show Celebs Gone Dating. Today we had the opportunity to chat with him…

Q: Last Summer you told me you were going on a reality show… when did you find out it was Celebs Go Dating?

A: In fairness, I didn’t know! I had 2 other shows lining me up but they fell through, Celebs Go Dating was very much a last-minute decision! I went from playing football for Chippenham in the day and having a call &  being in isolation for a week in London by the evening!  

Q: How was your date with Sophie Hermann & your overall experience in the Celebs Go Dating mansion? 

A: Well the fact Sophie said she had more fun with the cake than me said it all how the date went haha!  But to Sophie’s credit even though we were miles apart connection wise behind the scenes she was great with me as it was freezing on set for the date & she made sure I was looked after by the producers.

But overall it was a great experience & Living in a mansion with a mix of celebs & 12 other guys & girls was the real take-home for me, you get a lot of downtimes to get to know everyone, but I will say the highlight I won’t forget was listening to Wayne Lineker’s stories, the guy should write a bo

Q: Can you tell us any of Wayne’s stories? 

A: I actually better leave them stories to be told by Wayne himself, he has a true storytelling capability that stops everyone in the room to listen without asking!

Q: Have you ever dated a celebrity before? 

A: Yes, I did actually date Amanda before I did the show. 
(playboy & maxim cover model, ex to Charlie sheen)

Q: How was your experience dating Amanda?

A: We actually really hit it off in the brief time we spent together but with the show & the fact she was traveling around the world with work we decided to part ways. 

Q: Do you have any plans for reconciliation with Amanda? 

A: I’m hopeful that we will, as she’s truly an amazing person and I was gutted that work circumstances cut it off the way it did! 

Q: What is next for you after this show? 

A: What’s next is very much Covid dependant! I have signed contracts with another show for a major broadcaster this summer but we will have to wait and see if COVID lets that happen or not!

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