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Who Is Lord Ivan?

They say we play the cards we dealt with in life and Lord Ivan plays the cards for all they’re worth. How many other rappers have you heard about who earn their living playing poker professionally, owns a yacht brokerage company in Monaco called G-Yachts and is an heir to an international jet brokerage empire called Jetcraft? That’s right, Lord Ivan, who’s an actual Lord having the blessing from the Prince of the Khmer Kingdom, is also a recording artist branding a new image. This homie has more class and style in diamonds and spades than all the players in the game combined.

About Lord Ivan

Lord Ivan is a legendary artist from France focused on making music of all genres to make people have a good time, express themselves, and be inspired. He grew up in the USA, Canada, and Switzerland, and has traveled to 5 different continents and dozens of countries by the age of 18. Having been inspired by all the cultures he was exposed to, he realized they all have 1 thing in common: they like to have fun and dance.

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