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Sam Negron – EastGate Project

There’s a junction where the divine nature of God speaks through gifts and talents He’s provided. In the midst of these crossroads stands a singer/songwriter: Sam Negron, who emerged from a family background that immersed him in diverse musical genres. “As a kid I’d fall asleep to my radio, surfing the various college stations that’d play just about anything. It was wonderful, stimulating, and exciting,” explains Sam.

With guitar in hand, he stands in command of the eclectic blend of styles on his new album. The EastGate Project:What Is Man coalesced as a result of his travels to the Holy Land, combining poetic lyrics, captivating melodies and unique rhythms into one dynamic collision.

While sitting on the Mt. of Olives, Sam had an epiphany for the EastGate Project, a compilation of preexisting songs refreshed by new inspirations and brought to life by a gifted team of musicians. So was born the album, What Is Man. His partnership with producer and audio engineer Rich Hartline, original producer of DC Talk, was the genesis of what both consider a “heavenly download” – musical tributes that they were privileged to deliver for a time such as this.

Some people like to cherry pick their favorite melodies; with the EastGate Project by Sam Negron you’ll be engaged. From “What Is Man” to “12 String Benediction,” a tapestry of songs of diverse style and lyrical content invite your curiosity and inspire contemplation. Sam can also be heard on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, GooglePlay and other music services.

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