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OFB Yung Drops Two New Singles “Vibes” and “Ready Set Go”

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OFB Yung Drops Two New Singles “Vibes” and “Ready Set Go”

When OFB Yung was growing up in Inglewood, California, he always dreamed of becoming a global superstar. At a young age, he was fascinated by battle raps at the park and knew he wanted to become an artist. Growing up, OFB Yung studied rap and created his own lyrics to hit songs. Throughout the years, OFB Yung’s persistence manifested into an undeniable lyrical talent. The music of OFB Yung is energetic, seductive, real, and always accompanied by powerful lyrics.

A lot of the inspiration for OFB Yung’s music comes from the trials and tribulations he’s gone through, as well as his current lifestyle. For OFB Yung, being real with his fans is key to connecting not only with his music, but with him personally. “I want people to listen to my music and feel exactly where I was at in life when I made it. A lot of the music I make is based on my mood. It’s a form of self expression kind of like my journal.”

The spotlight is nothing new to OFB Yung at this point in his career. A member of Cali Swag District, Yung is known for his hit dance song “Teach Me How To Dougie”. Yung has been on top of the charts ever since this song catapulted his career. Future aspirations for OFB Yung include working with Rick Ross. OfB Yung has been influenced greatly by Rick Ross, and the two would create timeless music together. 

New music is constantly being released by OFB for his fans. Two new singles by OFB Yung were released just recently, “Vibes” and “Ready Set Go”. The song “Vibes” by OFB Yung is a slower, seductive song that is perfect for listening to when you’re with your girl. The song “Ready Set Go” was intended to get everyone up and dancing. Music lovers can expect a plethora of new songs from OFB Yung in the near future. Be sure to stay tuned to OFB Yung as he is just getting started in his already illustrious career. You can listen to “Vibes” and “Ready Set Go” on Spotify and follow OFB Yung on Instagram for updates regarding his next body of work. 

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