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Los Angeles Noise-Rock Duo The Deepsea Goes Releases Remixed/Remastered “Oraneiroi (Expanded)”

“They make noise, and it is heavy, but also spare.”

– Gadbow, Ali. Missoula Independent October 8th, 2009

“Oraoneiroi (Expanded)” features new mixes for all 11 songs from the original 2009 recording sessions in San Pedro, CA. This expanded release includes a remix of “There Is No Space Light” by Triobelisk Vs. Frodus that was released digitally in conjunction with a 2009 national tour. “Oraoneiroi (Expanded)” also includes an alternate version of the song “There Is No Space” & a previously unreleased version of “There Is No Weight”.

In 2010, LA Record described “Oraoneiroi” as “music for burning buildings to the ground, smashing police car windows, and attacking anyone in sight” while called it “an unexpectedly cool album that takes a lot of interesting chances and largely seems to work”. suggested that “it’s as if every sort of alternative, indie, and punk was thrown together in a blender, set on high, and by some miraculous chance emerged a satisfying result”.

With a name derived from a crude combination of the Italian word for “time” with the Greek word for “dream” & a series of song titles beginning with the phrase “There Is No”, “Oraoneiroi” was largely inspired by a series of unlikely events. Initially scheduled to be released prior to a US tour in Spring 2009, The Deepsea Goes was only able to finish two songs before they left for the first show in San Diego, CA.

That Spring tour was never completed, since the band’s 2004 Toyota Corolla broke down on the way to a show in Idaho, leaving them stranded for the weekend in Grangeville, ID (pop. 3,141) desperately waiting for the mechanic to open on Monday. When not partaking in all of the varieties of food that can be crafted with the Huckleberry (ice cream, Italian soda, pie, cake, etc.), the band passed the time with whatever movies were available on the Gateway Inn’s complimentary Satellite TV.

Late Saturday night, a movie called “Passion of Mind” starring Stellan Skarsgård, Demi Moore, & William Fichtner aired & became the unlikely inspiration for a thematic shift in the album’s lyrics. In the movie, Demi Moore’s character suffers from a fictionalized version of a disorder called “dissociative fugue” that finds her living two separate lives in parallel without being able to distinguish which is her true waking life. The band fell asleep before the ending (no spoilers!), but held onto the idea of a character living two lives without being able to discern the “dream time” from reality.

After making their way back to Los Angeles, The Deepsea Goes returned to the studio to write an entirely new opening song & subsequently re-track everything that they had previously completed. This new song became “There Is No Up”, which uncharacteristically starts with the distinct sound of a Vox Continental Organ & sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Oraoneiroi” relentlessly churns through various forms of noise-rock while exploring the story of a man struggling to decode his true reality between a solitary post-apocalypse & a relatively calm world with a dying partner.

“Oraoneiroi” was originally released by Transnational Debate Records on August 18th, 2009. The Deepsea Goes is Paul Michael White Jr. & Janine Leilani White. The Los Angeles based duo formed in 2007.

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