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Interview With Indiana Rapper – M7

Earlier this week, Muzique Magazine caught up with Indiana rap artist M7 for a brief interview. Here’s what he had to say.

Muzquie Mag. Where are you from?
Richmond, Indiana

Muzquie Mag. How did you come by your stage name?
(M7ofATC is for search purposes since M7 is many things. My group Above The Clouds is the ATC) M7 is the short version, rather, equation to my full rap name Masta Mind Twisted Mista Murda 4 Hire. I came about that from being tired of having aliases. I said I’m bout to go Bushwick Bill on ’em. Twisted comes from my style. 
I’ve listened to a lot of the greatest. My style is a result of their influences. Mista Murda was a dark alter ego but basically means I kill shit musically. I was working on a business card for myself. Put Twisted Mista Murda 4 Hire to promote selling my services. I thought the name didn’t sound
complete. So I added Masta Mind, I did the beats, wrote my verses, structured the songs, recorded them, did the graphics, came with a lot of the concepts. I was kinda like the head to our Voltron (Above The Clouds). 
After realizing Masta Mind Twisted Mista Murda 4 Hire was too long it also became MMTMM4H. But that was also an alias which was what I was trying to avoid. Since there are 7 words and M being the dominate letter starting the words it became M7. M to the 7th power as my homie would say. So M7 instead had a meaning instead of having an alias. Then I realized M is the 13th letter of the alphabet, I automatically noticed it is associated as a bad luck number because 7 is a lucky number and I’m born in July so it’s my lucky number and already had my attention. Hence Bad Good Luck. 
The mixtape I recently dropped followed up by an EP in November and an LP in 2018. What goes around comes around. Something good happens you expect something bad is going to happen. And vice versa. It’s a cycle always coming full circle as repeating itself.
Muzquie Mag. When did you start making music and taking it serious?
I starting writing down rhymes from Onyx Bacdafucup and Bone Creepin On Ah Come Up. From there I started writing my own rhymes. My first song I recorded was on a daily cassette karaoke machine I got for Christmas. I made the best using the record and pause button looping the beat at he end of Ol Dirty’s Back on the Tales From the Hood Soundtrack. 
Then switching the tape back and forth to do vocals and over dubs. I probably took it serious since I started. About 10 years old. I was always making music on cassettes then put out a few cds of lower quality but the talent was still there. Then started moving around to get something going. My city didn’t have much of a music scene or have much of a structure to learn anything to be serious about it. 
I moved outside of philly for a couple months and that situation didn’t work so I headed outside of Portland, Or where I got in with the owner of a homie shop who got me a spot opening for Digital Underground and Tone Loc. He also got me in with an artist/local show promoter. Who in turn got me in with Tragedy 503 who got Tech N9ne going from small crowds to sold out shows in the NW area so he had pull with them and liked my work I done with and for him. 
I ended up touring with Prozak for 5 years on all but 1-2 tours in that time. Kind of stepped away from that to stop basically being a sort of homeless nomad. It was hard to find and keep work where I could get time off for touring. Started getting back into my own thing, and trying to keep it going while taking care of what I need to.
Muzquie Mag. How do you feel about the present state of the music industry?
There are a few artists here and there I can listen to but for the most part it literally hurts my head, offends me like they’re trying to make me feel stupid. There used to be a message and intelligence behind the music that was on tv and radio. I believe it’s really as deep as, well 2Pac was a victim. The power he had made results. And they will shut that shit down. Listen to the music now. If you can understand a word out of the mumbling it’s something destructive. 
Music is part of a media and they control all of it. They don’t want you knowing the truth or having the power to seek it. This isn’t the music of the generation. It’s music of degeneration.
Muzquie Mag. Who influenced you to become an artist? And how?
Hmm. I’m not really sure. I was raised on classic rock from Black Sabbath to Aerosmith. I was raised on jazz from my grand father always showing me music from different musicians he me at shows. I think the first hip hop I heard was a Whodini single on a 45. Friends/5 Minutes of Funk. 
When I started rapping it was with my cousin. He probably influenced me most. He’s like my big brother. When I got to high school I linked up with my homie Sefro and met others one by one or some was family and formed ATC. We would ditch school and rap on someone’s back deck, or walk around smoking blunts and freestyling. Just all the things together. But I just remembered about how I used to watch MTV like a muther fucker. My dad would record the videos and I’d just watch that shit till the tape got ate. That might have something to do with it.
Muzquie Mag. You’ve recently released a single featuring hip hop Workclothes… Tell us how did you link up with them to work with on the project?
I linked up with him through Sefro(of ATC). He was living in Nap and peeping the scene. Knew he had to link us up. I have 2 tracks on the mixtape with Chucky Workclothes. The first song we recorded a few years ago for an ATC project we never finished. When I started working on new material I knew I had to get another track with him.
And how was the experience? 
Both experiences were dope. Latter one was with hip hop legend Young Bleed. He was in town for a show. I had my part written. Went in the booth and laid down my parts. They wrote theirs while I was in the booth. Shit came out nasty and sounding good. It was the first recorded track for the mixtape besides the first song with Chuck. He’s a solid dude. Had my back in multiple occasions as I’ve had his.
Muzquie Mag. Would you prefer to be independent or signed to a major?
I’d do a one or two major label deal if I was able to get out without having all my assets tangled up in their affairs. Just to get what you can out of it. But I see myself at home in the underground.
Muzquie Mag. Are you currently touring or doing shows and where?
I’m not currently touring. I haven’t booked any shows yet since my spots on the Hard Work Pays Off Tour 2017. I can be booked at I am looking into some options as of right now. Stay tuned.
Muzquie Mag. What are you currently working on and how can the people find you? 
I’m working on Bad Good Luck EP (11/17/17) and Bad Good Luck LP (2018) you can find me in any digital media outlet as M7ofATC. Google me. YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, etc.
Muzquie Mag. Any closing thoughts or words of encouragement?
Be real. Be realistic. Set out to do something and do it. You can see results. I’d never thought I’d do as much as I’ve done. But yet as an artist I have so far to go. But I’ve made connections. So get out there. Get known. Make things happen. They don’t just happen on they’re own. And you can make them happen if you show that you have it in you people will see it. That in itself will get you farther than you may think. It takes money but I’ve done it dirt broke. Now it’s time to invest and return. And keep it going.

Thank you for your time and good luck in the future!

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