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Interview With Country-Pop/Singer Songwriter – Eileen Carey

Last week we got the chance for country-pop sensation Eileen Carey to take a few minutes of her time to give us a brief interview. Here’s what she had to tell us…

Muzique Mag. When did you start making music and taking it serious?
I played drums as a kid, did musical theater in my school, and in the community. I came to California to make films, and found myself an actress in a number of films being made here in Los Angeles, including a role in one of those famous Ray Charles Diet-Pepsi Super Bowl spots. Acting didn’t pay the bills though so I took a job with the Sheraton organization booking entertainment. After a while I realized that I could do better than the acts I was hiring, so I made a decision to take music seriously.

Muzique Mag. Do you feel that the industry needs more artist like yourself? Why?
Yes! In many genres women musicians are still not taken as seriously as the men. It is particularly
hard as an independent. Being a woman, running your own career… Sometimes country radio ignores all but the very top of the women artists.

Muzique Mag. Would you prefer to be independent or signed to a major?
Independent! You get to make your own choices. You decide who will promote you. What music you want to make. I have a number of things I am so my independence benefits those brands like The Music Mom (, animal rescue and homeless support.

Muzique Mag. Are you the best at what you do in your opinion?
Yes! I do think I am the best at what I do since I am who I am so it is hard to be me better than me (lol). I think the idea of “best” is a slippery slope though. I prefer to think that what I do is important and of value to others.

Muzique Mag. Have you won any awards?
Yes, I am currently the Los Angeles Music Award’s Female Country Artist of the Year, New Music Weekly’s Crossover Artist of the Year. My previous release to the current Good Bad Girl, In the Air, was just awarded Pop-Rock Single of the Year by the Akademia Awards. In 2015, the Akademia Awards dubbed my Bottle Your Crazy Up as the Country-Rock Single of that Year. I have also won Female Country Artist of 2016 by National Hits Radio, and the Independent Radio Network’s Fan Favorite Female Country Artist 2016.

In the past, I have won two earlier Los Angeles Music Awards for songs on my previous CD to the current Let It Go on RolleyCstr, Movin On. Also won a SouthBay, California.

Muzique Mag. Who was your inspiration?
Whole bunch of folks. Everybody from the Beatles to Patsy Cline. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio loving pop music. The market told me I was country with my first single release that had significant adult contemporary success as well.

For more information, contact:

Joey Alkes 4 Eileen Carey
626 296 0342
Mobile 626 372 9599

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