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“Innocent” is a transcendental piece of music by Kerri Cassedy

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“Innocent” is a transcendental piece of music by Kerri Cassedy

Kerri Cassedy’s latest song, “Innocent,” is an upbeat track. The cheerful and feisty tone of the song will appeal to party goers who like dancing and having a good time. Despite the fact that this is Kerri’s first foray into a new genre, her followers seem to appreciate it.

Kerri had to go to numerous areas as a model and meet a wide range of people. She’s seen a lot of musicians and heard a lot of different genres of music on her travels. Currently, she is located in Los Angeles. As a consequence, she treats coming to parties like any other Tuesday night. As a result, she wanted to create something fun for her audience.

The song “Innocent” transforms the party’s tone from gloomy to wild. There is no room on the dance floor once the music starts since everyone is already up and dancing. We’re convinced that once you hear it, you’ll agree.

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Check out her music below:

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