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Combining Love of Life With Love For Words, Artist CityBoiGreg Delivers Something Fresh

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Combining Love of Life With Love For Words, Artist CityBoiGreg Delivers Something Fresh

Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, upcoming artist CityBoiGreg, was always surrounded by passionate talented creatives. From writing short stories in elementary school and winning competitions, to writing poetry in high school, CityBoiGreg fell in love with creative dictation and writing. Not too long after his poetry turned into songwriting. His music taste and palate widened. CityBoiGreg started listening to more hip hop through college and starting idolizing his music, he started writing in college based off of Drake, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. After a car accident in June 2020, everything for CityBoiGreg changed.

CityBoiGreg reflects his music from the greatest era of hip hop and rap, with a distinct modern flair that makes it authentic and standalone. The release of his first single, “Take Offense”, did well but it wasn’t until his critically acclaimed “SPAZ” that it rose over 500k streams on all platforms and reached over 4 million views on Twitter. During this time, it was his decision to leave school and do what he loved full time. From there he released his first studio album “CITYBOIGREG” which was the first project he engineered himself. Shortly after that, he began to mix and master for other artists like Alice Blue and SugeOfChicago. He’s since been honing in on his audio production skills, as well as exploring beat making and sampling. He loves to jump into worlds that keep him learning new skills and developing his knowledge within creating.

What makes CitBoiGreg so different is the real true genuine love that you can feel he pours into his music. He’s been able to captivate his fans who are inspired by what he says because his music is so multi-dimensional. CityBoiGreg can apply his music to any aspect of his life which makes it easy for his listeners.

One of the things that have been most difficult for the independent artist so far has been the mindset to remain patient. Greg explains how he works so hard and wants everything to hit right away. He has been put in many situations throughout his life that his impatience has diverted some blessings coming to him where if he remained patient he could be in a different place in his life. He says however, “I’m thankful that things happen the way that they do so that I’m able to get things in due time and not the wrong time”.

Buzz is building for CityBoiGreg as his songs have been going viral on Twitter and he’s been surpassing millions of views and hundreds of thousands of interactions. He is extremely proud of how much recognition “SPAZ” has gotten and it is only the start of what’s to come for this rising star.

Always living and always enjoying himself, CityBoiGreg has a lot of new enjoyable material on the way! Stay up to date with this phenom, you can follow him on Instagram here, as well as stream his catalog on Spotify here.

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